Cartoons are for kids, right?

At least so I thought back when I just started high school and had my first encounter with anime. At that time I had grown tired of all the generic western cartoons due to their lack of a grander plot that stretched several episodes. Scooby Doo and the gang always found themselves in some dodgy place, saw something spooky and in one way or another solved the mystery and caught the bad guy pretending to be a monster. But that was it, no connection between episodes, no grand plot or evil mastermind. All the episodes were small standalone cartoons that quickly got quite boring as there was never anything new to them. This is where anime comes in… Continue reading Cartoons are for kids, right?

A Decade of Anime and Cosplay in Denmark

Over the course of the next few weeks I’ll be writing a series of posts that will contain a somewhat detailed description of my time in the anime and cosplay community. Seeing as I’ve been in various committees and boards of different local unions as well as organiser in all three major conventions in Denmark, I believe that some parts of the story I’ll tell will be of value to people interested in the history of the Danish anime and cosplay community.

Genki 2013 Coming up!

With less than two weeks to the doors open at Genki 2013 I thought I’d make a small post about the convention.

This year Genki is moving from their old venue in Roskilde to north of Copenhagen at Farum Arena. This will be the second time Genki is moving venue since it saw the light of day back in 2009 at Valby Kulturhus in Copenhagen. The change of venue was decided on to improve on at least one key aspect in dire need for change. Continue reading Genki 2013 Coming up!

Conmonster – News for Con-goers

A friend of mine recently started an online news portal, Conmonster, with the focus of bringing information on conventions in Scandinavia and other nerdy news and useful links.


A big part of it, at least for now, revolves around the anime and cosplay communities and as such I feel like it’s a site worth pointing out, especially if the Conmonster team manages to keep up the pace for new content!

Check it out here!